Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dina Manzo Responds To Siblings Chris Laurita and Caroline Manzo, Says They’re “Not Fair”

Here's the thing: I watched all 3 parts of the RHONJ reunion and don't recall Caroline or Chris saying anything "negative" about Dina. When Andy Cohen posed the question about whether or not they spoke to Dina, they both said that they didn't and pretty much left it at that. Only Chris even went on to speak lovingly on the relationship he and Dina used to have--where was there anything wrong with that? It's Dina who has clearly made it her business to side with Teresa and put her "friendship" with Teresa above loyalty to her own flesh-n-blood, so how is she being treated "unfair" here again?

To think her brother Chris has an autistic child and Ms. Project Ladybug Dina won't be there for him, but she'll attend Teresa’s Fabellini party to "support" Teresa knowing full damn well cameras are going to be there to tape it. Plus, Dina will lie to the press on how she's never seen Teresa do anything malicious to anyone (btw, how would Dina know if Teresa "really hurt" Caroline if they don't speak???), paint Teresa as a poor victim on RHONJ, hang out with Teresa socially (guess she'll claim to have no clue that Teresa would post pics on Facebook of them hanging out together) and go ranting on her blog apparently still clueless as to why fans would be upset with her actions throughout this Caroline vs. Teresa (while admitting that Teresa has played her for a fool too) feud. Well, here's the reasons they might be angry with you Dina: recently you've been exposed for the lying, hypocritical, manipulative, passive-aggressive, spoiled brat that you are and it serves you right:
We’ve known for several months now that Dina Manzo and her sister Caroline Manzo are not speaking, but during the part three of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4 Reunion, we learned that Chris Laurita (Jacqueline Laurita’s husband) is also not talking to Dina.

Despite her brief appearance at Teresa Giudice’s Fabellini party, Dina has distanced herself from RHoNJ since voluntarily leaving the show after Season 2.

Still, Dina wasn’t about to let her siblings talk about her at the reunion without putting her own two cents in.
“I have 11 siblings I stay away from 2 of them. Do the math,” Dina tweeted as the reunion aired.

She continued, “I'm not going to say negative things about my siblings & go into why we don't speak. But it's not fair how they portray me as they bad guy. Not fair at all and it only fuels the hurt...I'll end it at that. Turning the tv off now.”

Dina may have turned off the TV, but she still had one last thing to say about her sibs: “Do you think for a second if I felt love from them I would stay away?? This has nothing to do with Teresa BTW.”
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